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Q: Why are no belt ranks in kickboxing?

Q: Why are no belt ranks in kickboxing?
A: Some styles have created a belt or sash or even colored tee shirts
the main reason is to show progress from beg. to advanced levels
some of the systems that don't use ranking systems use the number of fights to determine levels within their gym.

master griffin

Q: from catnip, Why is weight training important in Kardioarts kickboxing?

Q: from catnip, Why is weight training important in Kardioarts kickboxing?
A: from Master Griffin. --> Great question catnip, the real reasons are to develop muscular and bone strength, added bonuses are inmproved stability, better balance improved cardio if done rapidly with lighter weights. Weights along with resistance band training will give you a great workout in our kardioarts kickboxing classes


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How close to real kickboxing is your cardio kickboxing class? from GMA Kardioarts kickboxing student wed.nite class

To Ask a Question of Master Griffin send me a email and ask 3, or more questions about martial arts, kickboxing, and general sports related to fighting and fitness

Q: How close to real kickboxing is your cardio kickboxing class?

A: Currenty we teach a fitness type of program that applies the drills of a kickboxer and training methods shy of sparring and competition.

kardioarts kickboxing systems will have a sparring program starting soon.

When was Mai Thi created? big D from Cristo Rey High School

Q: When was Mai Thi created? Great question
Master griffin responds

A: Muay Thai was probobly developed in the 1570's

a little history
Click here for kickboxing history

The history of Muay Thai is interwoven with the history of the Thai people. A gentle, peace-loving people, for centuries Thais had to defend themselves and their land from aggressive powers. They developed a form of close, hand-to-hand combat best suited for the kind of rough-terrain battle they were fighting. Over time it became a rite of passage for Thai men to take up training in this martial art. King Naresuan the Great (1555-1605), one of the country's most celebrated warrior-heroes, is believed to have been an excellent boxer himself, and it was he who made Muay Thai a required part of military training.

Q: What is the deadliest martial art fighting style?
A: First of all the point of all mafs--> Martial arts fighting styles is to protect people and if necessary kill people, that being said tai-chi is a fighting style that people see old folks in the

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Q: Do martial artists look at boxing as a martial arts? from G.I. Jane

Q: Do martial artists look at boxing as a martial arts? from G.I. Jane

master g responds
A: Some do and some do not, however most use it in their training directly--> with gloves, bags, mitts, and others make make a small reference to the art. I think that Martial arts has a rich tradion of philosophy and culture on and off of the dojang, dojo or school, whereas boxing is a thing of beauty/brutality has a history but lacks the philosopy and how to live and treat other. The Tenets of taekwondo are used in a lot of studios
indomitable spirt
this is the major difference between the boxer and the martial artist.
another is that boxers train to absorb the hits and give them back, most black belts train to avoid getting hit and score quickly with hands and feet. one more diference is that boxers do not train for the street fights against weapons, like knives, sticks, gun multiple attackers and grappling.

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from KS Q: do people consider martial arts a sport?

from KS Q: do people consider martial arts a sport?
simple question that is very deep and contraversial (misspelled)
A: In some styles like Mixed Martial Arts, Shootwrestling, San Shau, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and the like it is all about the sport and competition. Other Activites like Aikido, Hapkido do not have tournaments and "world" champions. Still Other styles have both, a competive side and a "martial" or warrior side that deal with self-defense.
TaeKwonDo is a national Korean Sport that uses both Traditions and Competions to reach the world as the most popular martial art. Alot kickboxers, Mixed martial artists, K-1, UFC had foundation in taekwondo.
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Q: what are the differences between boxing and kickboxing? from GI Jane

Q: what are the differences between boxing and kickboxing?
from GI Jane
Well, G.I. Jane, there are some differences that are obvious and some very subtle, both wear boxing gloves but in kickboxing they can kick,
there are some different rules for different sanction bodies of kickboxing that allow leg kicks, some that don't, others allow take downs and ground fighting, while others allow knee strikes and elbow strikes. Boxers compete in a 3 minute round, while some kickboxing rounds are 2 minutes, some kickboxing rules state that you must throw at least 8 kicks per round or you will be penalized and lose points it you dont make up the kicks in the next round.

master g

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Q#2 from Chi-Town Tiffany, asks How did kickboxing develop from traditional forms of martial arts here in the us?

Q#2 from Chi-Town Tiffany, asks How did kickboxing develop from traditional forms of martial arts here in the us?

Great question!!
Most of the time people don't care about the roots or history of stuff, i like to know it origins and bring it forward.

As a result of tournaments in america the competitiors who were trained in Karate from japan, okinawa, hawaii, america blended their arts with boxing and kickboxing.

Some of the early pioneers were great point fighters that crossed over into kickboxing, now a days with mixed martial arts and leg kick kickboxing, grappling blended in some of the greats have small roots in a tradiotional art, but expoloded with the ufc and k-1 and top events.

master g

Q. Where KickBoxing Come From? tiffiany Chitown asks

Q. Where KickBoxing Come From? tiffiany Chitown asks

Master Griffin responds

In america it started in the 70's with an expansion of sport karate tournaments, when people would get called for exessive contact by hitting to hard. This was before sparring gear was invented. Black belts would compete in tournaments and use control and technique to show what could happen if they were to hit.

GrandMaster Joe Lewis, the one who promoted Master Griffin to 10th Degree
Joe lewis developed full-contact karate, with belive it or not tennis shoes and boxing gloves in to a wide variety of types, in america.

The blending of boxing, karate, Taekwon-do with rules that would allow you to knock-out your opponent changed the face of competive black belts forever. There are point fighters, those who control the kicks and punches, and kickboxing / mixed martial arts that allow full force when you land them on your opponent.
Part 2 coming soon.

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Tips on how to improve sparring ability. Sport karate with sparring gear.

Hello, Guys this is Master Griffin of and Griffin Martial Arts
One of main tips in sparring that i try and teach my students is what i called emotional DNA
or personality quadrants. I coined the term The INNER D.E.A.L.,
first one DRIVER this person--> my way or the highway, the "A" type, pushy and direct
tip #1
for drivers use your god given ability to strike first, that is blast across the line
tip#2 basic reverse snap punch, but use the floor to push off with, use the body lean, be aware of the counter kicker

the second one is the EXPRESSIVE. This person loves the drama--> center of attention, they love flash and music rhythms
tip #1
broken rhythm --> like a basketball cross over dribble (ankle breaker), bounce and quick change of directions
tip#2 advanced reverse snap punch--> bounce and use foward kick fakes the BOOM punch with a LOUD YELL
block and counter --> like a basketball Center Blocking a shot towards thier own team mate to go down the court and score, not just block a shot out of bounds),

tip#2 timed and very accurate reverse snap punch--> aticapate the attacker and their weapon--> Block then BOOM punch try and avoid those who how fake a lot
tip #1
mental awareness and past pefromances --> like a basketball coach knowing who to foul in the last seconds of a gme (the one who is most likley to miss ) angles, directions and best weapon to use for each situation.
tip#2 logical reverse snap punch--> shift to side, tap lead arm out of your way and BOOM punch

I will try and create a video podcasts on this and other topics

Griffin Martial Arts is offering 12 week courses

Griffin Martial Arts is offering 12 week courses

Click here for class registrationfor 12 weeks for $387.00
KARDIOARTS KICKIN' AND PUNCHOLOGY:Jab...Jab...Cross...Kick... Focus. That's it.
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No complicated choreography to make you feel out of step.
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FITNESS KICKBOXING: This class features easy to learn routines and combinations.
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KARDIOARTS BAGOLOGY KICKBOXING:Aerobic kickboxing set to high-energy music. ...Hurry and click here to enroll
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KARDIOARTS KICKIN' AND PUNCHOLOGY:Jab...Jab...Cross...Kick... Focus. That's it. The Kardioarts Kickin' and Punchology is different from anything you've ever done. You'll not only be exicited about the classes because they are fun and motivating, but you will sculpt your body, lean and strong, burn fat like never before, and even develop some basic self-defense skills. You'll punch and kick yourself into fighting condition. Kardioarts Kickin' and Punchology is different and more fun by far than old step aerobic, Jazzercize and old health clubs stand by. It is designed to strengthen upper and lower body, tone, improve flexibility and develop aerobic conditioning.When:Course Code: # Ja0333kkpMon and Wed 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm Session #1 start date Jan 14, 2008 Cost: $387 includes gear Method of payment--> Call 612-408-3626 to make arrangements Click here for class registrationfor 12 weeks for $387.00-------------------------------------------------------------------KARDIO KARATE KICKBOXING FOR FUN AND FITNESS:Kardio Karate Kickboxing for Fun and Fitness is energizing, explosive, powerful and up lifting. Kardio Karate Kickboxing blends your own hidden personal powers with the tried and true techniques of personal self-defense, karate and kickboxing, all set to today's hottest music. Kardio Karate Kickboxing is easy to learn. There's no complicated choregraphy to make you feel out of step. It's a workout you'll look forward to each week. Keith Griffin is a Certified Cardio Karate instructor and a member of the National Association of Professional Martial Artists.When:Course Code: #Ja0111kkbxTue and Thurs 6:35 pm - 7:35 pm Session #1 starts Jan 15, 2008Cost $387.00 includes gear Method of payment --> Call 612 408-3626 to make arrangementsClick here for class registrationfor 12 weeks for $387.00---------------------------------------------------------------- FITNESS KICKBOXING:This is a boxology and powerkicking class format that features easy to learn routines and combinations. If you are looking for a year round fitness program this is it! To make sure our students never get bored with fitness kickboxing, Master Griffin makes sure our classes are never the same old routine. With the wide variety of punches, kicks, knees, elbows calisthenics, and stretching exercises utilized in the classes, you'll never get bored doing the same routines over and over. This class utilizes the latest equipment to help you develop your skills faster.When:Course Code: #Ja0222fkbCost #387.00 includes gearTue and Thur 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm Session #1 starts Jan 15, 2008Method of payment --> Call 612-408-3626 to make arrangementsClick here for class registrationfor 12 weeks for $387.00------------------------------------------------------------------ WOMEN OF COLOR EXEC-U-FIT KICKBOXING:This is an New and exciting morning program combining Griffin Martial Arts and Sister Spokesman of the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder Newspaper. Master Keith Griffin, African-American owner of Griffin Martial Arts and Kickboxing will teach empowerment drills and skills using boxing, kickboxing and martial arts techniques. We use energetic old school music along with new hip-hop/R&B to help burn up to 800 calories per hour. Master Griffin, a 7th Degree Black Belt and trainer of tournament champions will bring highly effective techniques to you that are fun and easy to learn. Come and meet, network and workout with other Executive Women of Color. Master Keith Griffin is the Personal Trainer of the Minnesota Spokesman Recorder Newspaper President, Ms. Williams.When:Course Code: Ja1073wceufkCost $387.00 includes gearMon and Wed 8:30 am - 9:30 am Session #1 Starts Jan 14th, 2008Method of payment--> Call 612-408-3626 to make arrangementsClick here for class registrationfor 12 weeks for $387.00---------------------------------------------------------------
KARDIOARTS BAGOLOGY KICKBOXING:Power impact aerobic kickboxing techniques set to high-energy music. Learn exciting partner drills in dedicated boxing room with mirrors. Master Griffin will show you how to wrap your hands like the pros and punch like one in this class. Great all around cross training program. State of the art equipment to enhance training. Master Griffin will show you how to use increase your speed, power and flexibility. Reduce stress while improving your self-image. Try our Unique form of cardiovascular kickoxing that is interwoven with martial arts techniques and a music tempo that will even challenge the most highly conditioned athlete. When:Course Code: Ja0222kbkCost $387.00 includes gearMon and Wed at 6:35 pm - 7:35 pm Session #1 starts Jan 14, 2008Method of payment--> Call 612-408-3626 to make arrangements Click here for class registrationfor 12 weeks for $387.00----------------------------------------------------------------

About KardioArts KickBoxing; this is unique approach to fitness kickboxing, Master Griffin 7th Degree Black Belt, Created KardioArts Kickboxing Fitness Systems blended various martial arts and combative systems with weight lifting, strength building to produce a outstanding program. KardioArts has helped people from all walks of life to reach their goals and maximize their potential. Master Griffin has developed the Basic kardioarts, the advanced kardioarts, the elite kardioarts, the xtreme kardioarts, and the Ultimate Body Sculpting Kardioarts, and SparWars Point Kardioarts Kickboxikng. Master Griffin is training future assistant instructors and Certified instructors with an PRO/AM STARS AND STRIPES LEADERSHIP TEAM. As a tournament champion, as a black belt with over 30 years experience, plus having been an instructor of Tae-Kwon-Do, and trainer of Full-Contact Karate/Kickboxing.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



· Griffin Martial Arts Home School Taekwondo Program uses the Children's Personal Conduct (CPC) format as a character building program.
· CPC was developed to help parents and teachers build character and exemplary personal conduct in children. Our Home School Taekwondo is designed by Martial Arts instructors who are passionate about building character and personal conduct in children.
· CPCis provided by martial arts schools that have an interest in shaping the character of our future leaders, today's youth.
· ObjectiveAs part of a Nationwide campaign, Master Griffin and Griffin Martial Arts Home School Students (GMAHSS) will participate in the Children's Personal Conduct character (CPC) building program. Griffin Martial Arts Home School Taekwondo students are required to complete character building lessons and demonstrate exemplary personal conduct in and out of their martial arts school.
· EnvironmentOur Home School Taekwondo children are increasingly exposed to violence and unhealthy habits daily. We are all too familiar with school violence, bullies and child obesity. However, there are few institutions that address these problems by building character and teaching personal conduct. Master Griffin, a 7th Degree Black Belt and father of a home school student brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program.
· Evaluation of each Griffin Martial Arts Home Taekwondo student is done with a belt ranking system, White Belt through Black Belt.
· Physical Education requirements for Home School students can be met with our year round training.
· Strategy of GMAHSSStudents are required to complete theme-based character and personal conduct tracking forms. These tracking forms are child friendly and decorated with 5 CPC animated martial arts heroes. Master Griffin will reward students with stickers and award certificate in class. Studies show that children show more interest when animated characters are used. The 5 CPC animated heroes create the motivation to succeed. Each hero has a positive personality and super powers that ignite enthusiasm.Classes will be held at the Dojang (training gym is called dojo in Japanese) Griffin Martial Arts
· 4101 Chicago Avenue South
· Minneapolis, MN 55407Course Code: jaGMAHSS-1-9 Click here for class registrationfor 12 weeks for $387.00
· Mon and Wed from 8:30 am - 9:15 am for KidsCost for 12 week session is $387.00 which includes student uniform and student booklet Code: jaGMAHSS-fam-10 tuesday and Thursdays from 8:30 am - 9:15 am for families Cost for 12 week session is $387.00 per person which includes student uniform and student bookletMethod of Payment--> Call 612-408-3626 for arrangements Click here for class registrationfor 4 weeks for $387.00 per person


Monday and Wednesday
Saturday11am-11:45am *

GMAA POINT FIGHTING CLUB is an elite club that will be introduced to a select few in Griffin martial arts. The club is designed to enhance your fighting skills and your mindset. We are going to take you step by step through drills and fighting concepts to make you the best you can be. We are only looking for the very serious students for this, so please, if you take a spot you must intend to follow through. The class size will be limited to ONLY 26 students at a time, Safety is our number one concern, students will only be allowed to use studio approved fight gear from our supplier GriffGear, Spots will fill up quickly so please reserve them today.
Level One
Level Two
Level Three

Level one:
This is our introductory course. All students must pass this course to move on to level two and three. In this level Master Griffin will be focusing on conditioning, timing, focus pads and movement. There will be light contact at this level as our goal will be to build your confidence. You will be learning boxing combinations and footwork. We will be doing heavy drilling on focus mitts and heavy bag work. We will be taking you step by step in the fighting process to make it fun and exciting. You will see a major difference in this 12 week course in your knowledge and confidence as a fighter. Here is what is included:
Equipment bag
Mouth piece
Hand wraps
Boxing gloves
Black fighting pants
Black fighting shirt
12 week training
Level One training cost is $387.00 Sign up with Pay Pal to insure your spot.
Level Two:
Level Two GMAA Point Fighting Club will begin using kicks which includes power kicks and leg kicking. To enter Level Two you will have to pass level one test. If you do not pass or think you need more time you will be able to repeat the course before you move on. At level two we will be taking you to the next level of fighting, which includes angles, movement and kicks. As we move forward you will start to feel more like a fighter your confidence and mindset will be changing. Master Griffin will be working on leg conditioning and introducing some more contact. In level two we will not be doing any heavy contact to the head, our goal is to bring you through the process and build your confidence as we introduce kicking into the equation. The class will be more fast paced and exciting as you start to see your fighting technique come together. We will introduce you to some take downs at this level.

Equipment Added:
Power Shin and Instep Guards
Level Two Patch for your fighting pants
12 week Training course
Level two training Cost will be $387.00 (We will add to Pay Pal when Level Two starts)

Level Three:
Level Three will put it all together. To move up to a level three fight club student you will have to pass both level one and level two tests. You will have a good working knowledge of focus mitt work and conditioning by this level and be ready to put your knowledge to work. A level three student will have a better understanding of fighting concepts and your confidence will be at a NEW level. As a level three student you will also be introduced to ground fighting. We want you to have a working knowledge of stand up fighting and being able to defend yourself from the ground. There will be an introduction to ground grappling with fighting concepts for level three, We will have more contact at this level as we allow you to start using the your skills that you have been acquiring. Your conditioning and fighting spirit will be at at a new level. Upon your completion of level three and you pass your test you will be allowed to help assist in level one class. You will also be eligible for Master Griffin instructors’ class when we offer it.
Equipment Added:
· Boxing Head Gear
· Level Three Patch
· 12 week training course
Level Three Training cost will be $387.00 (We will add a pay pal account here as soon as level three starts.)

Saturday11am-11:45am *
Optional SparWars does more Point Sport Karate, and invites outside black belts

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Homeschool Black Belt Blog of Griffin Martial Arts

Homeschool Black Belt Blog of Griffin Martial Arts

Welcome to our brand new blog

Iwould like to mention that Griffin Martial Arts After School Karate is providing martial arts to and for homeschoolers, Unschoolers and afterschoolers.

regular Taekwondo mon.-thur 5:45pm-6:30pm

Homeschool/Unschool/Blended online Martial Arts Club
Monday and Wednesday 9:30am-10:15 for kids
Monday and Wednesday 10:15 am-11am for families
contact master griffin at 612-408-3626 for more info
or visit us at 4101 chicago ave south, Minneapolis, mn 55407
click us at

thanks master g

email me questions at

612-408-3626 myspace handwrapping video click here with master griffin