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Griffin Martial Arts 12weekbootcamps | minneapolis, mn 55417

Griffin Martial Arts 12weekbootcamps | minneapolis, mn 55417
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griffin martial arts new website for metro community education's 12 week boot camps at griffin martial arts taught by mastergriffin

Sunday, December 16, 2012

MasterGriffin’s Executive Black Belt Program


The Executive Black Belt Program or E.B.B.P. is a real world, six month, Self-defense course for community leaders and business executives.

Earn Your
“Executive Black Belt”
In 6 Months

Protect you and your family!
Increase your odds and learn these simple techniques!
Never think an “Attack” can’t happen to you!
MasterGriffin’s Executive Black Belt Program
MasterGriffin’s Executive Black Belt Program is a six section course specifically
designed to teach invaluable real world self-defense skills giving you
confidence and a sense of security no matter where you go.
In this course you will learn the civilian (non belt rank) version of the
self-defense tactics taught to Black Belts and Masters of the Martial Arts.
Our clients learn fast, effective real world techniques to get them and
their families out of harms way!
These techniques are taught by Black Belts, Martial Artists and other Self-Defense agencies around the world! This is the most fun and effective reality based system of self-protection
you will ever take! Our instructors are trained in hand to hand combat and
close-quarters techniques. Our instructors also include some of the top in
their fields of study!
Don’t get caught off guard!
Call MasterGriffin now at 612-208-7462
MasterGriffin’s Executive Black Belt Program
Program Overview
· A proven self-defense jujitsu program.
· Self-defense for executives, community leaders and other professionals.
·6easy to learn training sections.
·140+ easy to learn yet extremely effective street smart self-defense techniques.
·Basic motor skill movements only.
·Nothing complicated to learn.
·No long term commitments.
· 6 month training program.
(Accelerated training program 4 months, 3 training hours perweek.)
·2 training hours per week. Monday through Thursday 8:45pm and Saturday at Noon
·Flexible scheduling made for people with tight schedules.
·No fluff just effective techniques.
·Earn an Executive Black Belt.
In our sometimes turbulent world, give yourself peace of mind by enrolling in our highly effective self-defense black belt programs. Learn how to protect your family and yourself.

Don’t let this happen to you! Call MasterGriffin now at 612-208-7462
Who Is This Program For
· Executives
· Business Owners
· Real Estate Agents
· Doctors and Nurses
· Attorneys
· Community Leaders
· College Students
· High School Seniors Preparing For College
· Traveling sales people
· Security Personnel
· Government Employees
· Pilots and Flight Attendants
· Anyone Wanting Some Security In Their Life
· Body Guards
· Security Guards
· Law Enforcement
Military personnel
In today’s world, self-defense is a must.
We offer a special no-nonsense real world self-defense program that teaches invaluable personal protection skills in a progressive new way. Designed for professionals like yourself whose time is at a premium. Call MasterGriffin now at 612-208-7462
What if you were attacked today?
· Learn valuable self-defense and street smart skills.
· Earn your executive black belt in One Second Self-defense.
· Build new found awareness and confidence.
· Train with some of the best and most experienced instructors in the country.
· Learn invaluable life skills.
The E.B.B.P. Curriculum is divided into 6 skill-based sections. Each section is designed to maximize your training with effective and efficient real world self-defense skills.
Program Curriculum
Section Study (Rank Equivalent)
1. Punching, Kicking & Striking (orange belt)
2. Escapes / Self-Defense Techniques (green belt)
3. Fighting from the Ground (blue belt)
4. Reversals (purple belt)
5. Take Down Defense (brown belt level 2)
6. Hand Held Weapon Defense (red belt level 3)
7. Force Continuum/Review and then………
……Black Belt Graduation!
MasterGriffin’s Executive Black Belt Program is so efficient and
simple to learn almost anyone can join the program. Call
MasterGriffin now at
**IMPORTANT NOTE** For your safety and the safety of your
training partners, please consult a physician before beginning any
fitness or self-defense program.
What Is Not In The Program
· No Competition – The only person you compete against is yourself.
· No Needless Exercises – No jumping jacks or push-ups just training.
· No Stress – Relieve stress and no pressure from competition.
· No Sports Tactics – Protection on the street not in the boxing ring.
· No Attitude – It is about building confidence and feeling secure.
· No Sparring – No sport fighting against other students.
· No Katas – No forms just quick and effective techniques.
In approximately six months you can graduate with a
E.B.B.P. Black Belt in self-defense.
Our course develops skilled movements through
140 techniques that will give you the whole self-defense package.
MasterGriffin is one of the best professional self-defense instructors in your area and is certified and trained to offer you a quick and effective self-defense course.
The Executive Black Belt Program®
will be one of the safest programs
and wisest investments
you will ever make!
Contact MasterGriffin the E.B.B.P. Instructor Today at 612-208-7462
And Sign-Up For
The Best Self-Defense Program
Available For Professionals Like Yourself
Course Fee: $150 per hour (Private Lesson Rates) with DVD copy and online channel
Contact your MasterGriffin for referral discounts and group rates!

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