Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GMA Graduation Dec. 5th 2009

orange belt ------------Noel Bode
Yellow Belt ------------Sarah Liz Pogany
-----------------------Lydia Bode

Dark Green Belt------------Jabriel Bravo Abhumed
---------------------------Dorothy Bode
---------------------------James "jimmy" Bode
---------------------------Jesse "jesse james" Bode
---------------------------John "steam" Bode
---------------------------Joshua "tricky nicky" Bode
----------------------------Leah "princess Leah" Bode
Blue Belt -----------------Shakir Imani



Sunday, December 6, 2009

last graduation of the year at gma

pat leehey gma paper What Tae Kwon Do means to me.

What Tae Kwon Do means to me

My wife Chris, my mother in law Jan, my son Joey, and Master Griffin are all equally to blame for me getting involved in Martial Arts. On Christmas 2005, Joey received a present from Grandma Jan that included do-bok and a karate “how to” VHS tape. This gift caused Joey to become very interested in karate and he asked to begin taking classes. Chris wanted us to do this in the neighborhood and found Griffin Martial Arts. She gave me the contact info and I made that fateful first call.

We first came to Griffin Martial Arts to watch a Saturday morning class. I had no intention (or I figured physical ability) of becoming involved as I had multiple nagging injuries. Within minutes Master Griffin had Joey and I up and participating. I tried to beg off, Master Griffin simply told me “Let’s go - you’ll be fine”. As I went through that first class, I noticed that there was a comradarie amongst the parents and children that I had seldom seen between what appeared to be randomly connected people. As a newcomer, I was being encouraged and helped by everyone I was paired with. As a result, I was immediately hooked.

As we started weekday classes, we met Mr. Daniel Olakunle. He possessed a calmness and composure, and yet a fire that I desired. He stressed stretching and technique from the very first class. I began doing the stretching regimine and the kata that he taught us every weekday morning on my own. I began to see immediate improvement in my flexibility, and my back was feeling better than it had in years!

My older son Tanner joined in with us after a few weeks. I had continued the morning workouts and soon found myself in the position to help my sons learn the material and discovered I really enjoyed this aspect of this newly found passion of mine. I began teaching my boys at home, which took a lot of proding and pushing. I learned an invaluable lesson from this, but more on that later.

As time went on, I began staying on Saturday’s for Spar Wars. At first I was very apprehensive, worried about my stamina and simple survival. I was loved the contact, whether I was being hit or doing the hitting (I must confess, I would rather be the one doing the hitting). It provides immediate feedback on your progress and allows trying new techniques in a safe setting. The biggest thing I have learned from sparring is to deal with frustration. The process of sparring and then analyzing the days work as a group, getting others feedback, and then analyzing the it on my own has been an amazing learning experiance. I have learned to keep pushing, keep trying, and to not put my own mental limitations on myself. This continues to be a big hurdle for me, and I learn from every session, even though it may not seem like it in the heat of things.

TKD has meant a re-dedication to body and mind for me, it has caused me to learn and maintain a focus that I did not posses previously. Even though I continue to fight through injuries, I have re-found my body. I am able to do things in my 40’s that I never thought possible in my teens. It has literally become part of my everyday life. I see it in my work, my home life, and I see it as I move about my community. I have become more confident in my abilities, I am able to control my emotions, and I am calmer in my overall demeanor. I use TKD constantly when I am under stress, a quick run through Jung-Shin-Il-Do-Ha-Sa-Bul-Sung or a mental walk through of a form, will calm and refocus my mind and body regardless of the situation.

I have discovered how much I enjoy teaching others. Whether it be my sons, or a fellow student. Many have given of themselves and helped me on my journey, and it is my pleasure and duty to help others. Many people are shy and will not ask for help. I have learned to take a leadership roll and just start teaching. Some people want to learn on their own, and will ask for help only when they want it. I have learned to wait. Pushing too hard will have almost immediate negative consequences, through this I have learned patience.

I have seen the positive and negative sides of competition. I choose to focus on the positive and take from that experience all that I can. I choose to recognize the negative aspects of competition, and strive to keep them at arms length. Competition is yet another avenue for me to learn and grow as I
watch and absorb from others.

Lastly, I have found new mentors as a result of my involvement in TKD. People that I know I will be able to count on to help me with more than technique and form.

Pat Leehey

required paper for griffin martial arts a south minneapolis karate studio
owned and operated by Master Griffin

new black belt at Griffin Martial Arts Mr. Pat pitbull Leehey

we have a new black belt at Griffin Martial Arts Mr. Pat pitbull Leehey. Dec 5th 2009

congratulations for an excellent exam on saturday at 11-1pm at griffin martial arts.
Graduations are always and exciting time for the staff and students but a black belt graduation is the pinicle of graduations and demostrates the next new beggining not just an endpoint.