Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Question: How do you break boards?

Question: How do you break boards?
Answer: 1) belive that you can
2) use follow thru in your motion
3) use proper technique
4) practice slowly and couple of times for accuracy and distance
5) yell as you extend your technique thru the boards

you may use a side kick
or you may use a palm heel strike
or a hammer fist technique

for beginners

master Griffin has won many first place truphies for board breaking

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Question: How do you break boards?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Feb.2008 karate exam

Congratulations to our Testers from Saturday

Helen to Orange Belt
Juslee to Orange Belt
Mahaila to Orange Belt
Tehya to Orange Belt

Chaska to Light Green belt
Decarion to Light Green belt
Liam to Dark Green Belt

Gary, Joey, Tanner & Pat to Purple Belt

Black Belt Judges Mr. Olakunle, Mr. Bolden, Mr. Skelly
Master Griffin

Next Exam during the week for those who did not attend sat's test

Great job for everybody Keep Kickin'